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How To Prepare Soil Cement Material for interlocking Brick

Before production soil interlocking brick, you should prepare good soil cement material and mix them with water. So how to prepare soil and cement? how to composite soil and cement? how to mix them?

How To Prepare Soil Cement Material for interlocking Brick

Soil - Cement For Interlocking Brick

Soil-cement is a material obtained by homogeneous mixing of soil, cement and water in suitable proportions and, after compaction and water cure, results in a product with characteristics of durability and strength.


Soil - It is possible to produce Ecological Bricks with any type of soil, but the most indicated soil for the benefit cost is the sandy soil, which contains in the range of 60% to 80% of sand and 40% to 20% of clay. When this type of soil is not found, a soil with more clayey properties can be used, but it will have to be corrected.

Cement -  portland cement is standardized

Humidity - Moisture should be made gradually, without exceeding the amount of water in the mixture, since moisture has the function of providing the best compaction of the material without the manufactured interlocking brick sticking to the walls of the molding box of the machine or that it will shed when removed.


There are two ways to be get good soil, they are:

CRUSHING THE SOIL ( in the case of clods)

The soil should be free of organic and mineral waste such as (stones, branches, woods, plastics, etc ), when the soil is only with natural clods in dry and  you can use a soil crusher to crush the hard soil.

natural soil jinda soil crusherCrusher Soil

SIEVE THE SOIL ( in the case of impurities)

To separate mineral and organic waste from the soil (stones, twigs, woods, plastics, etc.) a sieve should be used.

crushed soil


The soil is ground or sieved with the cement in the average proportion of 10% to 15% and moistened with water, so that there is a stabilization of the soil by the cement, improving the properties of the mixture thus giving resistance and perfect finishing to the interlocking bricks and blocks.

.poland cementadd water

Note: The proportions of soil and cement vary according to the material to be produced as (brick or pavers) and also the ype of your soil. But do not worry becuase GiantLin INTERLOCKING BRICK MACHINE has technicians to assist you in the ideal compositation for your soil.

The moisture of the mixture is verified by simple procedures, by squeezing the mass energeticaly in the hand, a cake with a sharp mark of the embossed fingers must be formed. but there must be no water out.

test moisture of soil by hand

Type of Mixing

Automatic Mixing

For large productions GiantLin BLOCK MACHINE recommend mixing in GiantLin pan mixer, with forced rotary mixing system, making the mixture quickly, humidity and without increasing the lumps of the mixture.

A: Loading : Load the soil and cement gradually by GiantLin belt conveyor or hand

B: Mixing: Control Swith, turn on the JINDA mixer and add water until you get the desired humidity.

C: Download: Open the lid of GiantLin mixer so the the mixture is out of mixer and is carried to JINDA interlocking brick making machine for interlocking bricks.

Manual Mixing

If you do not have automatic mixing equipment, the mixture should be made as follows:

A: Spread the soil on a smooth and impermeable surface, forming a layer of 20cm to 30cm.

spread the soil on ground

B: Spread the cement over the soil and mix thoroughly, unitl the mixture is even without soil or cement stains.

add cement in soil

C: To Moisten, Spread the Mixtureas item (A) again, add water gradually over the surface with a sprinkler and mix everything again

add water into soil cement material


After mixture is ready, just load them in one of GiantLin interlocking brick machine for production of blocks, bricks, pavers and Press.


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