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How To Cure Soil Interlocking Bricks

The process of curing soil interlocking bricks and ecological blocks is done with the water.

The progcess of curing interlocking and ecological bricks, blocks and pavers is done through the water. 

This system is divided into: 

1. Manual Spray Curing

2. Mechanized Sprinkler Curing ( Manual or Automatic)

3 Immersion Cruing.

The Most important thing to note is that regardless of curing type you choose, it is neccessary to keep the interlocking and ecological bricks, blocks and pavers moistened in the same manner by which they were cured for 7 days.

Note: All curing process shold preferably occur in places where is covered with rain protection, exessive winds and the sun. When there are no covered areas for curing, it is advisable to use black tarplin to cover them.

Cure of Manual Spray

The manual curing is performed through hoses, watering cans and spray. When you start to cure, you should wet the interlocking bricks with a light and light drizzle, take care not to affect the finish, quality and resistance of the interlocking and ecological bricks, blocks and floors.

After a period of the beginning of the cure, the interlocking, ecological bricks, blocks and follors gain more resistance. In this way the addtion of water can increase gradually, It can be able to become stronger and stronger. Please ensure the the interlocking, ecological bricks do not lose moisture, thus avoiding the quality drop.

Mechanized Spray Cure (Manual or Automatic)

1. Manual:  Manual Mechanized Sprinkler Curing is performed through a mist of water, such as those used to pass poison or soils on farm. The process takes place through hoses and distributed by several sprinklers proviously adjusted and fixed on the interlocking, ecological bricks, blocks and floors. In this way when the net is open, the water which is  released by the sprinklers will vaporize by penerrating delicately on the interlocking and ecological bricks.

2. Automatic: Basically the automatic mechanized sprinkler system is the same as manual machanized sprinkler curing process. The different between the two system is the placement of a humidity and cure time sensor. the timing system detects when there is a lock of humidity and automatically triggers the sensors. it will maintain the required humidity.

Immersion Cure

Immersion Curing is considered by many to be the most efficient in term of decreasing the time to perform the function. In addition to keeping the moisture of the ecological bricks more uniform. Even taking these poitive evaluations into account, it is still the least used process becuase it requires a greater financial contribution.

In this system blocks, bricks and ecological floors will be immersed within a tank for a period of 2 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of soil used. These pieces must be stored on pallets with a maximum height of 1.5 meters and must be stacked firmly and safely, as the transport movements are carried out through the help of forklifts, gantry, rolling bridge and others.

It is indicated that after 12 hours of cure the interlocking, eological blocks, bricks and floors are immersed, Please note that the products are losing moisture quickly, so you should be wet slightly so as not to affect the quality, finish and resistance of the same .

Tip: In order to be able to identify the ideal time for production to emerge, we recommend this test:
After removing the picket from the tank, split a unit to see if the humidity has reached the middle of the part produced, if it has reached means that the time is satisfactory. Do several tests with different times, so you will find the ideal time to absorb your material, and never forget blocks, bricks and ecological floors well cured offer high strength, quality and finish.


When we talk about ecological pavers, we assume that the proportion of cement is higher than the ecological blocks and bricks, so the tendency is for the moisture to be absorbed quickly, so that the addition of water should be more frequent so that the ecological floor does not enter in the feverish state, that is, reseach.

The dryness of both floors and ecological blocks and bricks cause the product to lose a percentage of resistance, thus dropping their quality, because with the lack of water the cement does not react with the soil in the correct way.

Note: When the same moisture that has left the equipment is maintained during the curing process, the chance of obtaining quality products is certain. Therefore respect the curing process according to the type of cement used and obtain Good Sales.


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