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The Most Popular Designs of Soil Interlocking Bricks

GiatnLIn interlocking brick machine can produce designs of bricks, blocks and pavers. But there are the most popular and used three desigsn of ecological bricks

The Most Popular Designs of  Soil Interlocking Bricks


Standared ecological bricks

The finishes of the sides in these types of Blocks and Bricks are with well finished bevels of 6x6mm, with male and female, rounded grooves.

These Ecological Blocks and Bricks designs are the most used for their practicality, since they are used for walls such as intermediaries, corners of walls and massive or cast columns.

By virtue of the system of leakage and perfect vertical fitting, they allow the passage of both the electric ducts and the hydraulic system, ceasing to break walls to pass them. Thus, the increase of debris, material waste, break-breaking and restoration of walls is avoided, and in the conventional construction system this type of damage is inevitable.

The finishing of this apparent masonry will be accomplished only by the grouting of the spans between the bricks and then with their waterproofing.


Half ecological brick

The half bricks are used for termination of internal walls, windows, doors and others if necessary. The great advantage of Half Block and Half Ecological Brick is that you do not have to cut or break it to finish the walls. The executioner of the work does not err in the ideal size and much less have to stop their service to measure and cut it to pieces.

Therefore, it facilitates and guarantees a good finish when used, avoiding waste. In addition it ensures more agility, cleanliness and economy to buildings.


u shaped channel ecological bricks

Available in several models, the most commonly used are those with holes. Its main feature is the possibility of being placed in different positions and dimensions, serving as a bottom and top of the windows and doors, besides being used for reinforcement in the middle of walls and back (beam over the last row).

Block and Ecological Brick Canaleta allows the passage of conduits such as: water, sewage, electric, electronic, TV antennas, telephones and others.

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