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Systems of Hydraulic Block Machine

GiantLin Hydraulic Block Machine including the following system: 1. hydraulic system 2. eletric control system 3. material feeding system 4. vibration system 5. mould

Systems of Hydraulic Block Machine 

GiantLIn Hydraulic Block Machine includes the following system:

1. Hydraulic system: the use of advanced hydraulic dual-ratio control technology, hydraulic system can be easily branched oil pressure and amount of oil regulation, which can use different raw materials to produce the same high-quality products

2 Electric control system: the whole process of PLC intelligent control, equipped with data input and output devices, to achieve the ideal man-machine dialogue. Control system also includes advanced safety logic control and fault diagnosis system. Optional remote control.

3. Material feeding system: a unique material feeding system is forced to feed material with second mixing. it is good for different sizes of blocks.

4. vibration system: take special technology to optimize the layout of the vibration axis, so that vibration throughout the platen evenly distributed, thereby greatly improving the consistency of products performance, stability, with the ratio of the case to make a higher quality Of the products, while effectively reducing noise. Unique design of the fixed station form, can improve product molding speed and product size accuracy.

5. Heat treated block mould: through the carburizing treatment, the use of each group can be individually replaced mold; Such mold can be refurbished, greatly reducing the cost of mold.

6. Block making machine rigid arm crank synchronization mechanism to ensure that when the mold does not cause damage to the molded brick.

How to Choose Model of Block Machine

1, according to their own financial situation and the local market to configure.

2, can be based on the reference to some of  similar block factory in your local.

3, according to the size of the local specifications and other unburned brick to be fixed, if there are several different specifications in the local Burning-free brick is very popular, you can purchase two sets of small Mianshaozhuanji, can be divided into production, to meet the diversification , But also do not have to replace the mold often, if there is a failure of a machine, one can keep functioning.

4, according to the local wall to change and other related documents to see how much the local requirements of the type of machine.

5, if you are unfamiliar with building blocks, you can choose a small device, and then to large equipment selection.

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